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MIDI Implementation Chart

In the EigenD Factory Setups, you can trigger a number of actions using MIDI notes.

Below is a MIDI IN implementation chart which defines each available action and its corresponding MIDI note:

Action MIDI note no.
Load user setup 1 12 (C0)
Load user setup 2 13 (C#0)
Load user setup 3 14 (D0)
Load user setup 4 15 (D#0)
Load user setup 5 16 (E0)
Load user setup 6 17 (F0)
Load user setup 7 18 (F#0)
Load user setup 8 19 (G0)
Load user setup 9 20 (G#0)
Load user setup 10 21 (A0)
Metronome start/stop 59 (B3)
Set tonic to C 60 (C4)
Set tonic to C# 61 (C#4)
Set tonic to D 62 (D4)
Set tonic to D# 63 (D#4)
Set tonic to E 64 (E4)
Set tonic to F 65 (F4)
Set tonic to F# 66 (F#4)
Set tonic to G 67 (G4)
Set tonic to G# 68 (G#4)
Set tonic to A 69 (A4)
Set tonic to A# 70 (A#4)
Set tonic to B 71 (B4)
Set scale to major 72 (C5)
Set scale to harmonic minor 73 (C#5)
Set scale to melodic minor 74 (D5)
Set scale to chromatic 75 (D#5)
Set scale to blues 76 (E5)
Set scale to pentatonic major 77 (F5)
Set scale to diminished 78 (F#5)
Set scale to whole tone 79 (G5)

The actions referred to by the above table apply to ALL the key groups.

You can change the scale that is set by the MIDI note number in the same way that you change the scale for the Scale Controls in the factory setups (please consult the relevant pages of your Quick Reference Guide for more information).