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Making sense of your setup

Most setups are complex and Workbench has a number of features to help you to make sense of them. Much of the complexity is hidden by contracting the agent boxes so that the individual ports are not visible, but when you are modifying setups or building your own, you will need to expand the agents to see the ports within them. This can substantially increase the complexity of the diagram.

Workbench uses selection (selected agents are highlighted in blue), foregrounding and backgrounding (greying out) to reduce this complexity. When an agent (or group of agents)is selected the rest of the diagram, except for agents directly connected to the selected agents is backgrounded, allowing you to see clearly the connections of interest. You can select an agent by clicking on it with the pointer tool or use the select tool to select multiple agents. By default expanding an agent box also selects it. This behavior is optional, however, and can be turned off in the window which is displayed by clicking on "Preferences" on the File menu.


Signal flow can be traced across the diagram by selecting the next agent in the sequence. Individual connections can be emphasized by hovering the mouse over them to highlight them and the ports to which they are connected.


Clicking on a wire with the edit tool displays a list of all the connections represented by that wire on the diagram.

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