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This script (the content of which is printed below) is used to configure Sampler 1 in the Tau and Alpha setups to use the breath signal for the damper pedal as well as the pedal 1 signal. Note that as of EigenD 1.3.28 and 1.4.4, the factory setups of both Tau and Alpha have both pedal 1 and breath pipe by default connected to piano sustain.

It also creates an additional shaper agent that's put in between so that the compression ratio of the signal can be tweaked to be able to fine-tune the amount of breath needed to use the damper.

The script is attached as a text file. For more information on using Belcanto Scripts in the Factory Setups please see Belcanto Scripts

    This script connects the breath signal to the damper pedal of sampler 3 in addition
    to what was connected to it before (probably the pedal 1 signal)
    empty join

    shaper create
    it to shaper breath name ify

    recorder 1 breath output to shaper breath pressure input connect
    shaper breath pressure output to cycler 1 damper pedal input connect

    shaper breath hey compression to 0.3 set

link:Sampler 1 Breath Damper.txt

If you want to restore only the pedal signal being connected to the sampler 1 damper, use the following script:

    This script disconnects the signal from the sampler 1 damper pedal and connects
    the pedal signal to it instead.
    empty join

    cycler 1 damper pedal un connect

    recorder 1 pedal output 1 to cycler 1 damper pedal input connect

link:Sampler 1 Pedal Damper.txt