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Building your first setup from scratch

This Chapter is a step by step guide to creating a working setup for the Eigenharp Pico. We will start by creating a very simple setup and gradually increase the complexity to something similar to the Factory Pico setup. At the end of each section we will have a working setup which you can use to play the Pico.

Tutorial 1: Basic setup with one audio unit

Workbench Tutorial 1 shows you how to create a basic setup from scratch that makes sound with an Audio Unit host.

Tutorial 2: Add a console mixer

Workbench Tutorial 2 takes the basic setup you built in Tutorial 1 and shows you how to add a console mixer for better audio routing and control.

Tutorial 3: Introducing Keygroups

Workbench Tutorial 3 takes the setup you built in Tutorial 2, adds a second Audio Unit and shows how to switch from one Audio Unit to another using the Keygroup Agent.

Tutorial 4: Introducing rigs

Workbench Tutorial 4 introduces the concept of rigs and steps through the process of converting one of the simple audio unit instruments built in the previous tutorials into a rig-based instrument.

Tutorial 5: Adding a Talker

Workbench Tutorial 5 adds a Talker Agent to the setup built in the previous tutorials and, as a simple example, demonstrates how to use it to change the octave of the Scaler Agent from the instrument keyboard.

Tutorial 6: Adding a Controller

Workbench Tutorial 6 adds a Controller Agent to the setup built in the previous tutorials and shows how to use it to set and adjust the volume of mixer channels in the console mixer from the instrument keyboard.

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