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Relocating Windows Soundfont files

If you want to keep your soundfont files in some other place on Windows, you can use NTFS symbolic links.

EigenD looks for soundfonts at the fixed locations:

c:\Program Files (x86)\Eigenlabs\soundfonts (on 64 bit machines)
c:\Program Files\Eigenlabs\soundfonts (on 32 bit machines)

You can relocate the soundfonts directory (or the loop directory) using an NTFS symbolic link. A Shell link, created by the explorer, won't work.

Make sure EigenD is stopped before you begin.

Start by using Explorer to move soundfonts to some other place.
You can use external drives as long as they are set to get the same drive letter each time they are attached.

Suppose you move soundfonts to f:\sf2\eigenlabs\soundfonts

Then start a command shell, in administrative mode. Type cmd into the windows search, right click on cmd, and click 'Run as Administrator'

Then type the following:

cd "\Program Files (x86)\Eigenlabs"
mklink /d soundfont f:\sf2\eigenlabs\soundfonts

The dir command will show you the link and where its pointing.