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Arranger Row

Before reading this article, please read the main article about the Arranger.

The most common use for the Arranger Agent is to trigger notes from EigenD instruments to create rhythmic repeated patterns.

As explained in the main article, you use a command referring to the instrument's Recorder Agent in which you specify the following:

  • A note number (defined as a number in scale increments from the tonic of the instrument's Scaler scale)
  • The velocity of the note (a number between x and y)
  • The duration of the note (in seconds, between a and b) - optional, default is c
  • The number of the Arranger row you wish to assign the command to (numbered ascending from course 2 onwards, i.e. course 2 = row 1, course 3 = row 2 etc.)

The general formula for the Arranger row assignment is as follows.

Firstly, bring the desired Arranger and Recorder into the conversation using

747 ? 1131
arranger X listen

where X is the number of your desired Arranger, and

768 ? 1131
recorder X listen

where X is the number of your desired Recorder.

Secondly, assign the note playback to the desired row using

124 ? 24 1417 ? 233 ? 32 ? 187
note A with velocity B for C when D play

where A is the note number, B is the velocity, C is the duration of the note (in seconds) and D is the Arranger row number.